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Alhamdullilah Few Groups join hand with each other


The team of “I Own Pakistan, Pakistan Youth Organization, I Volunteer Pakistan, I Design Pakistan, Pakistan SOS, Pakistan Youth Movement, Pakistan Youth Renisanse, World Memon Organization, The NAZIR Foundation, Pakistan Youth Forum & Okhai Memon Jamat are taking their day off from campaign and will be Volunteering @PAF Base tonight.

Its a cause relief to reach effectees, which matters! Tons of goods is there useless, Until we play our part make them ready & send!We request you to please act & join in to implify the impact of relief work together!

Timings:Guys: 11pm wed – 11am ThursdayGirls: 2pm – 5pm Thursday

This is the time, we have to get united for relief work to be more effective, No one’s asking anyone to leave thier groups or to merge with any other group, All I’m trying to say is that now we need to work in an organized manner.

Advantages:We can distribute the affected areas among different groups which may avoid overlapping areas among groups Make a channel, a forum where any group can get the updates about any perticuler areas, list of organized goods available to get delivered and other information.

Doing we can convey a strong & loud message to whole world & our political leadership that youth of this country is united & working in all part of Pakistan without any provincial religious or mother Tongue’s issue

“Fighting with the world is easy, U either win or lose…But fighting with the close ones is difficult..If U lose, U lose & even if U win, U lose..!!!”



  1. Kashif Arain 2 September, 2010 at 13:23 Reply

    That was the real need to work for flood victims….. to work together and to be united….every thing should be organized instead of doing their efforts individually……

    Great step Abid Bhai………

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