I Own Pakistan Group started by Abid Beli in 2008, The main concept was of that group to revive respect of Pakistani passport all over the world.

Activities Since 2008
. 5th feb 2009 First meeting of the group member at T2F & all attendees decided to counter all negative material available against Pakistan & Upload nice images & videos related with Pakistan.

. 29th March 2009: We start campaign that every VIP or VVIP person should follow the rules of Traffic and nobody stop common people because of their VIP Or VVIP Movements on the road or streets.

. Meeting held on 19th april 2009. 6people attend that meeting & we all people decided to report all pages of anti Pakistan pages on facebook and anti Pakistan videos on You tube.

.Arrange event on 25th December at Mazar e Quaid. Photo Gallery

.I Own Pakistan team member visited Bolton Market area. Photo Gallery

.I Own Pakistan working Sanghar people effected by Wadera’s Torcher. Photo Gallery

I Own Pakistan be a part of Aman Ittehad Rally. Photo Gallery

I Own Pakistan Celebrate Eid with Flood Victims. Photo Gallery

.I Own Pakistan held a Protest in 3 big cities of Pakistan Against Raymond Davis Released. Photo Gallery

I Own Pakistan held different activities like Support Dr.Aafia, Peace Walk, Thalessemia Awareness Programme, Flood Relief Activities, Celebrate 14th of August with Mubaraq village reside, Blogger Conference, Seminar with Imran Khan. Photo Gallery

I Own Pakistan arranged an Event of WORLD RECORD FOR MOST PEOPLE SINGING PAKISTAN’S NATIONAL ANTHEM on 13th of August 2011, On Our Request GWR Removed India Record from National Anthem Category as they sung Vande Matram with 104637 people but Vande Matram is not India’s National Anthem than we break Philippines National Anthem record with 5857 people.
Our Official Video of National Anthem Event