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A unique letter to Altaf Bhai


A message from the nation making the rounds on the Internet, in response to the televised message received from a Friend last night. 


“Dear Altaf Bhai,

This is in reference to your threats today. I hope you don’t take any of this seriously, just like we never take any of what you say too seriously either.

First of all, no matter what your drug/alcohol induced stupor makes you believe, you are not God. You are insignificant just like an insect, with your face plastered across every inch of the city’s streets. Sadly, Mortein doesn’t make a product that kills you.

Secondly, this is not YOUR city. This is OUR city. 

Who are you to suggest that Karachi should be separated from Pakistan? The last time we allowed a Britisher to demarcate our country, it was in 1947 after which we asked your red-passport brothers and sisters to get off our land and out of our lives.

Thirdly, politics is politics. Terrorism is terrorism. Call it what it is. You are not a political leader. You are a terrorist running a terrorist organization. You give death threats on public television, you give ultimatums to innocent civilians exercising their rights of a peaceful protest, and then you say you’re a political leader. I don’t know what you’re on these days sir, but I suggest you get yourself checked. I think you’re having an identity crisis.

Fourthly, I don’t know which city you say you and your band of terrorists represent but it surely isn’t Karachi. As for the people you say you fight for – the Mohajirs, the Urdu speaking men and women who lost everything when they migrated to this great land – not even one of them in his/her right mind would identify with you. I am a Mohajir and my family migrated from India. For years we’ve been told that to protect ourselves, we must support you and your band of terrorists. Today, it ends.

Lastly and most importantly – we all know you suffer from Alzheimer’s, you delusional lunatic. But this isn’t the 80s anymore when you put guns in the hands of young men and introduced militancy in your politics telling them that they needed to protect themselves from some sort of ethnic cleansing. Pakistan has moved on. And the only reason why you and your party maintain your stance on this ethnic divide is because without it, you have nothing to compete on.

We aren’t as divided as your politics suggest – we united in 1947 and it’s people like you who have been working to divide us since then. As I said earlier, check the color of your passport. It all makes sense now, you pseudo colonialist scum.


Na Maloom Khatoon


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