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Background and About Mir Muzaffar Jamali:
In a recent assassination in Baluchistan province, Mir Muzaffar Jamali was martyred by terrorists along with his son, because he refused to listen to their orders of stop playing national anthem and raising national flag in his school in Kharan, Baluchistan. Singing National anthem of Pakistan and raising flag of Pakistan has become a crime in one of the largest district (area-wise) of Pakistan.

In a distant part of Baluchistan, Mir Muzaffar Jamali raised voice for Pakistan, its federation and its people. He became a symbol of Pakistan in a place where increasingly it is becoming hard for showing association to our own country.

For more information on this great son of Pakistan, please visit: Mir Muzaffar Jamali

An Appeal to Government of Pakistan
Contribution of Mir Muzaffar Jamali to the cause of Pakistan’s federation are as big as anyone in the history of our nation. The sacrifice of Mir Muzaffar Jamali should not remain unnoticed by our government and thus we request government’s high offices to:
To confer highest possible civilian award to Mir Muzaffar Jamali 14 August 2012 for his services to Pakistan and its federation.

Also, it is requested from government that the bereaved family may be compensated and provided adequate security.

InshaAllah, Mr Mir Muzaffar Jamali’s martyrdom will become an icon for our efforts to bring Baluchistan back into mainstream.

What We can do?
In whatever capacity you can, and to whomsoever you can speak to or influence, please pass this request so it reaches to the highest level of our government. Please share this as much as possible so it surely reaches to the top officials in the Government and an action is taken on this appeal.

May Allah SWT bless the martyr and help the bereaved family and give you reward for your efforts in this national service.


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