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A Letter to all facebook group admin which were related with Pakistan


Respected Admin,

I am honored to see that people like you are doing something for our Pakistan, Which is bringing some results in terms of a revolution, as we need it & all Pakistani people appreciate that you working as an individual in this cause and are willing to make people active in this cause as well.

Our main problem is that, we work as an individual which is good but if we work as one, then we will be more successful by having one goal for each other to bring what we all through and follow one goal to achieve and bring a revolution of our thoughts and work by having our community. One way or another we want our Pakistan to lead the world if our people can lead NASA then why we cannot lead our own country or at least make every person active, and to direct their energy in the positive direction to help our nation. It’s always that we target negative thing of our nation but if we 100% target positive thing which can change the impression of our nation in the world and within our own nation. That will bring a revolutionary difference and then we can one day Insha’Allah see a positive and successful Pakistan, Amen.

My intension is to bring Pakistan on the top list in every field of life. If we all work on one goal as a team which will be more powerful from every end I believe that BASTAY BASTAY BASTI HO TI HAI. I will honored if you take my words positively and commit your priority to our nation so do write me back with your thoughts and your goals so we make one goal, Sind, Punjab, NWFP & Baluchistan are a state of ONE PAKISTAN , Then why we not have one goal to achieve.

So if you all agreed on that then choose the date 4th, 5th or 6th of December & we all can meet at Damascus Clifton near Clifton underpass(any other suggestion of place also welcome). If your group is working outside Karachi then send any representative of your group in Karachi.

Await your positive reply


I Own Pakistan

Abid Beli


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