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12yrs old Guy wants kindling of a 60lbs heavy candle to show solidarity with Giyari Soldiers


Today i receive an email from Master Miqdam Khan, Pakistani Child who breaks 3 World Records, the young man wants to dedicate the kindling of a 60 lbs heavy candle all by himself to show solidarity with soldiers of Gayari incident and their families.

I immediately contact to all my friends & Alhamdullilah give positive response including DHA Administrator who give us free venue DHA Hockey Stadium (Where we break National Anthem Record). A ceremony will be arranged at DHA stadium on 29th may 2012 at 8 PM where the young man will light the candle in the presence of school children / notables who all will also take part in candle vigil.

Facebook EventPage: World Record of Longest Candle Vigil with 60lbs heavy Candle {Dedicated to Giyari Sector Soldiers}

I invite all Youth Groups for the sake of Pakistan. Forget your political belongings & join us for Pakistan.


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